TV Presenter/Reporter/News-Anchor

c/o Hotel Hilton Berlin
Mohrenstra▀e 30
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We are coaching you for a strong performance!

Manina Ferreira-Erlenbach

TV-Presenter, News-Anchor, Reporter
n-tv, RTL, Pro Sieben, IA Schamoni-TV, SFB, ORB, rbb

  • Presentation and Media Skills Training
  • Coaching, Personality Coaching, Rhetoric Training
  • Communicating in Case of Crisis
  • Company Presentations on Video/DVD and CD-ROM
  • Image Films and Project Documentaries, Commentaries, Infotainment
  • Event Moderation

    Professional Camera Team

    RenÚ Koch, Colour and Style Advisor

  • Why coaching?

    "Public discussion today is more and more characterized through TV and radio broadcasting, the influence of these media on the public opinion keeps on growing.

    As a result, media performance directly affects decision makers in politics, business and society, but also the customers.

    A strong differentiation of the media sphere including numerous private broadcasting stations contributes to the situation that enterprises and chief executives are asked for interviews and statements - often unexpectedly and without proper preparation.

    The more important is a sound and competent presentation of your own interests. In this kind of public scarcely an enterprise can afford a fluffed performance ".

    ... On the slippery media ground, change in the interview from defensive to offensive and convince in public!...

    from: "Berliner Wirtschaft", IHK Berlin

    Your TV performance is
    to become a success!

    Studio spotlights are thrown on you.

    The red camera light is switched on.

    You want to radiate competence,

    convince contentswise and go down well with the audience.

    Where and when do
    presentation and media skills training take place?

    Hotel Hilton Berlin, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, TV studio, or your place.

    In private tuition or group seminars.

    For beginners or advanced.

    You set the point of time.